International NLP Coach Association (INLPCA) is a non-profit professional organization. It is a dedicated platform for people who believe in the power of NLP coaching and contribute to the development of professional NLP coaching.

As the primary resource for corporate and personal coaches, INLPCA helps people find the NLP coach and training most suitable for their needs.


Our Mission

By becoming the platform for fostering the professional development of NLP coaching and by inspiring transformational conversation and challenging people to be their best, INLPCA expands the awareness of NLP coaching and its contribution to the progress of mankind.

We are professional NLP coaches who have joined forces in working toward the emergence of a generation of coaches dedicated to accompanying people through transformation with an open mind and a constant search for excellence and self-improvement therefore contributing to improving their quality of life, as well as that of their families, organizations, communities and, ultimately, that of humankind.


Our Objectives

  • Fostering the professional growth of the NLP coaching industry.
  • Broadening public awareness of the proper functions of NLP coaches and their contribution to the growth of society and the individual.
  • Encouraging ethical standards and a professional code of conduct.
  • Acting on behalf of the collective interest of NLP coaches and the coaching community.
  • Cooperates with organizations and institutions with the same mission and purpose as INLPCA.
  • To increase the reach of NLP-based coaching with all publics.
  • To promote throughout the coaching community the power of NLP tools and approaches in accompanying the person through his/her transformation.
  • To provide our members with an indisputable forum in terms of superior quality standards for all NLP coaches.