INLPCA (International Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach Association) was formed a non-profit making organization to serve as a focal point for all those interested in NLP Coaching. People have joined INLPCA for many reasons; some to acquire a deep understanding of the field; others wishing to enhance their success and performance in their own specific field.

The INLPCA is dedicated to fostering co-operation and interchange amongst its members and links with the wider NLP Coaching community world-wide. The INLPCA aims to promote education related to NLP Coaching by: Increasing public awareness of NLP Coaching and its publications by various means including our Website; Providing information on NLP Coaches, training programs and services; Communication of new developments in NLP Coaching; Providing opportunities to exchange views, experience and expertise for NLP Coaches in various fields; Offering opportunities for continuing professional development to members; Supporting the ethical use of NLP Coaching.