Patrick Zenius Agergaard is an internationally certified trainer of NLP, hypnosis and coaching. He has been in the field of psychology since 1989, beginning with NLP. He has a broad variety of experience with clients for therapy and coaching, as well as self-coaching on his road to continued success in life and in business. He runs Zenius Academy which is based in Copenhagen, Denmark and reaches great parts of the world.

Nowadays, Patrick works primarily as a trainer of NLP, hypnosis and coaching, and large numbers of his students now work with clients of their own with great success. He also coaches business executives and trains managers and employers in highly effective self-coaching techniques based on his international experience in NLP, hypnosis and coaching. He constantly contributes to these fields and sets international standards for high-quality trainings.

Patrick also holds a degree in computer science as well as business diplomas of management, organization, innovation and personnel management. He was a martial artist and trainer for many years and used his natural ability for tuning into the individual and giving the coaching the person needs. He is a warm and effective leader with a broad background from all walks of life. Patrick inspires people with his charisma,  energy and honest presence.

You can read more about Patrick Zenius Agergaard on http://www.zenius.dk or http://www.patricius.dk.


International NLP Coach Association

Patrick Zenius Agergaard, President

Kildebakken 53, 1. tv. 2860 Soeborg, Denmark.